Thursday, 11 August 2016

Abstract Extractions 1.01

CSM IMAGE - Bird On A Rope

In this first installment of Abstract Extractions, I am examining two photos I took some years ago and recently edited after rediscovering them.

CSM IMAGE - Futuristic Crosswalk

The first photo, 'Bird On A Rope', is a very simple yet interesting capture; a bird perched on a cable seemingly angled slightly upward towards the right. But, no! The cable is perfectly horizontal!
Even as I'm writing this, I had to do one final confirmation of this. Yes, it is perfectly 3 o'clock. Although I texturized the sky in this edit, it has no bearing on the optical illusion. I believe the illusion is created by the angle which the bird is perched, the directions its head and tail are pointed in, and the slightly off-centre location where the bird is positioned within the image.

Optical illusions are always interesting to dissect. Interpretation, especially when the mind processes conflicting information, is usually varied, which normally make for great discussion. Your thoughts and insights of how you visualize 'Bird On A Rope' are welcomed.

The second photo, 'Futuristic Crosswalk', features an interesting latticework set on a black background. I won't give away what the subject of the photo actually is, but I will say that the perspective of the shot is one that not many have viewed such a subject at. During editing, there were no cut and paste, distortion or airbrush manipulations applied. The only adjustments were to the tone and colour of the photo.

Again, interpretation reigns supreme and runs wild. When I asked a few of my friends for their take on the photo, there were contrasting opinions. Disregarding the title, what do you see when you first look at 'Futuristic Crosswalk'? What do you think is the actual subject of the photo? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments section.


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